Sunday, September 10, 2017

Nash Fire Update Sept. 10

The NASH FIRE (6,376 ac) has burned almost to the edge of Nash Lake, and is approximately four miles from Elk Lake.

Today, weather permitting, the team will be using a Lakota helicopter equipped with daytime infrared capability to more accurately delineate the fire perimeter and locate areas of active fire.

Crews and heavy equipment are concentrating their work along the Cascade Lake Highway, removing dense fuels and trees to create a fuel break to prepare to deal with the fire if it moves over the Cascade Crest.

Priorities for the Nash Fire include protecting structures in and around Elk and Lava Lakes, the infrastructure at Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort and the watershed for the town of Bend.

Due to the Nash Fire, the areas surrounding Elk Lake and Hosmer Lake in Deschutes County remain at Level 2 (Set) evacuation and the areas surrounding Lava Lake and Little Lava Lake are in in Level 1 (Ready) evacuation status.

Sign up for Deschutes County emergency alerts at Contact the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office at (541) 693-6911 or visit for more information.


  1. Thank you Patrick. A lot of us horse people are worried about Quinn. Any chance we could get info?

  2. Sorry for the ignorance, but just trying to find some clarification for my group We're planning on doing the South Sister Climber Trail 9/15/17. From the maps of the Nash Fire boundary, It looks like the trail would be on the outside of the boundary, and it sounds like all of the work and preparations are south of the hike at Elk Lake and Lava Lake.
    Is the Cascade Lakes HWY even open with the evacuations? Is the hike even doable? If the hike IS doable and since we are coming from out of town, where is a recommended place to stay the night prior to the hike?

    1. Hello there,
      Unfortunately the South Sisters Climber Trail is closed. You can view a map of the Three Sisters Wilderness closure here: (it's near the bottom of the page).
      We would recommend looking at the Diamond Peak Wilderness. You can find information for it here:

      Hope that's helpful. If you are looking for more recreation information, feel free to call our front desk at 541-383-5300.

      Kassidy Kern
      Public Affairs Specialist
      Deschutes National Forest

    2. Kassidy, Thank you for your time and replying with the additional info.

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