Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Firefighters make progress on Desolation Fire

Nearly 200 firefighters are working the Desolation Fire now, hoping to hold it through the afternoon and evening winds today. A Task Force of structure protection engines is helping out nearby homeowners create defensible space and clear brush. Five airtankers and a heavy helicopter have provided air support to cool hot spots along the line.

The helicopter was able to map the fire perimeter this afternoon, and the current acreage is 1,523. This is expected to grow somewhat as the fire is making short runs, and crews will be conducting burnouts to clean up any unburned fuel between the dozer lines and the main fire.

Smoke is expected to continue to impact Hwy. 26, and drivers should be prepared to slow down, turn on headlights, and use caution. The Level 2 (Get Set) Evacuation Order remains in effect for residents in the Marks Creek Area between mileposts 45-50 along Hwy. 26.

Residents looking toward the Cascades may be seeing smoke around Mt. Jefferson. This is not a new fire; the crews working the Whitewater Fire are reporting increased activity with the winds this afternoon.

The Hampton Fire, burning in the Prineville District BLM Cougar Wells Wilderness Study Area is now 100% contained at 840 acres.

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