Thursday, September 7, 2017

COIDC Fire Update, September 7

Redmond, OR – Several hundred lightning strikes blanketed Central Oregon today and firefighters are still responding to new smoke reports.

At press time, firefighters are staffing 9 fires that have been reported today, most of them held at .10 acre, with the largest at 1 acre and minimal spread potential in the Diamond Peak Wilderness being staffed by smokejumpers.

A Red Flag Warning remains in place through Friday at 11:00 p.m. for abundant lightning and gusty outflow winds. Central Oregon received varying amounts of rain though downpours were reported over the two large fires in the area, the Milli Fire west of Sisters, and the Nash Fire burning near Nash Lake in the Three Sisters Wilderness.

For Central Oregon Fire Information Fire hotline, please call 541-316-7711 or keep up-to-date on fire activity by following us on Twitter at @CentralORFire.



  1. Can I just say... that this blog has been absolutely helpful and so much appreciated! I've followed it daily through the fires, your up to date info for our community is priceless... thank you all for putting in the time in to keep us informed!!

    1. Agreeeeee... i read this daily. Please keep up the great work!