Saturday, August 19, 2017

Updated Closures for the Milli Fire

With similar temperatures and high winds expected today on the Milli Fire, officials with the Deschutes National Forest have added several closures for public safety.

Forest Service Road 16 is now closed. Fire officials will be moving campers out of the Three Creeks Campgrounds (Three Creeks Lake, Driftwood, Three Creek Meadow, Black Pine Springs) to alternate locations. The Forest will also be closing associated trailheads (Park Meadow, Tam MacArthur Rim).

In addition, the Peterson Ridge Trail System is also closed.


  1. Just wondering where the campers go? If people with children have alternative places to camp? I would love to be able to help.

  2. The Deschutes National Forest was going to get these folks to alternate camping areas. Thanks for the offer to help - it's never fun to have your vacation interrupted by a fire.

  3. Not concerned about recreational campers finding places, they have homes to go to. I think the concern is for the people that camp in these areas as their primary residence. These are some of the people we served this past winter with the cold weather shelter.