Friday, August 18, 2017

Milli Fire Update - August 18, 2017 - 9:30 p.m.

Incident Management Team: Southwest IMT 2 (Incident Commander: Pierson)
Location of Origin: 9 miles west of Sisters, OR
Start date: August 11, 2017, 2:42 pm
Size: 7,000 acres (Note: heavy smoke this afternoon is preventing accurate size information)
Percent Contained: 0%
Cause: Lightning
Resources Assigned: Approximately 300 personnel
Vegetation: Mixed conifer forest at higher elevations; lower elevations include ponderosa pine, juniper trees, sagebrush

Fire Update: Firefighters worked to complete a containment line on FS Rd 15 along the eastern edge of the fire, tying the line into work completed by the night shift on the south side of the fire. Strong winds caused the fire to spot across the containment line this afternoon, pushing the fire 2-3 miles east/southeast toward subdivisions on the edge of the city of Sisters. The run triggered several Level 3 (go now) Evacuations, affecting approximately 600 people. An additional 1,000 people remain under a Level 1 (get ready) Evacuation order. All evacuations remain in effect this evening, and are listed below.

The Office of State Fire Marshall continues to provide five task forces of structure engines for protection in the evacuated subdivisions.  These resources were made available when Governor Kate Brown invoked the Conflagration Act.  This action authorizes resources from across the state to respond and assist the greater Sisters community.  Engine crews will remain in the evacuated neighborhoods, providing assistance in strengthening defensible space around buildings.

Crews will continue their work tonight in re-establishing primary containment lines and developing alternate lines as backup.  Primary objectives tonight include working to contain the main body of the fire, as well as locate and contain any spot fires out ahead of the fire.

Public Meeting: There will be another public meeting tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. at Sisters High School.

Level 3 (Go Now) evacuations are in place for Crossroads Subdivision, residents of Edgington Road, Remuda Road, Wildwing Road, Peterson Burn Road area, and for residents on both sides of 3 Creeks Lake Road from the Brooks Scanlon Mainline Road (FS 4606) south to 3 Creeks/USFS 1514 Rd.

Level 1 (Get Ready) - The subdivision of Tollgate

A Red Cross Evacuation Shelter has been opened at Sisters Middle School.  Evacuees are highly encouraged to register with the Red Cross Safe and Well program, which allows loved ones to check on the whereabouts of residents. Sisters Rodeo Ground is open for large animal evacuations.  For assistance with animal evacuations, please contact the Pet Evacuations Team at 541-610-6628.

Road Closures:
OR 242 remains closed from Sisters west to Hwy 126.  For further information see


  1. this fire should have been suppressed while it was still in the wilderness. Multiple fires in oregon currently were on monitor status, due to wilderness. Well they come roaring out of the wilderness and here is what you get. The fs has resources specifically dedicated to working in the wilderness. I use to be one (rappeller). At this point, letting a fire just burn in the wilderness is irresponsible. I hope the town of sisters is spared. This should open peoples eyes up to the practices of the usfs that irresponsible. I understand the part of fire ecology in the landscape but lines have to be drawn. People have to come first.

  2. For the Milli Fire, the initial smoke was reported on 8/11 and died down quickly before being located. When it popped up again on 8/12 we responded with rappellers and retardant drops. Firefighters worked this fire while we responded to about 100 starts. Hope that helps.