Friday, August 25, 2017

Milli Fire Morning Update, August 25

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Location​ ​of​ Origin:​ ​ ​​9​ miles​ ​ ​west ​of​​ Sisters,​ ​OR
Start​ ​date:​ ​​August​ ​11,​ 2017,​ ​ ​2:42 ​pm​
Size: ​Approximately​​ ​​13,485​ ​acres
Percent​ ​Contained:​ ​​32%
Cause:​ Lightning​​
Resources ​Assigned:​ ​ ​​​673 ​​personnel

Milli Fire
August 25, 2017 Morning Update

Burnout activity continued through the night, working areas to the west of Forest Road 1018 south of OR 242. Burnout activity will continue today and tonight as conditions allow, including pretreating areas outside the burn area with retardant and helicopter bucket drops. Black Butte Ranch residents might see burnout activities along Forest Road 1030 for the next few nights. When complete, the burnout will effectively build a line of defense between the northern end of the fire and the structures and land to the north and east.

Unseasonably dry fuels and forecasted warmer and drier weather is predicted to increase fire activity today. The fire is expected to continue to burn west into the wilderness and to the south into the old Pole Creek Fire scar area.

Work continues with clearing fuels along strategic roadways as well as mop-up along the fire's edge. On the north end of the fire Forest Road 1030, north of OR 242 continues to be prepped as a containment line. Mop-up continues on the east edge of the fire, firefighters are concentrating on the southeast corner which is difficult terrain for the firefighters to access. Forest Road 15 south of the fire's edge continues to be prepped to be used as a containment line.

The Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Green Team has triaged over 400 structures in the Black Butte Ranch and Sisters communities while on the Milli Fire. The Green Team leaves to go home today and has turned responsibility of structure protection back to the local fire agencies.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, in consultation with its partners on the Milli Fire, are continually evaluating the need for possible changes to evacuation notices. At this time there are still communities under a Level 1 (Be Ready) and Level 2 (Be Set) evacuation level. The list of communities are listed below. Evacuation questions should be directed to the Deschutes County Sheriff's office non-emergency number: 541-693-6911

Current evacuation levels:
Level 2– Crossroads subdivision, Edgington Road, Remuda Road, Peterson Burn Road, Wildwing and Three Creeks Road residences returned to Level 2 (Be Set) Evacuation Notice on 8/23/17, allowing residents to return to their homes.
Level 1 – The subdivision of Tollgate, all areas between OR 242 and HWY 20 and west of Cold Springs Cutoff (FS1018), which includes Black Butte Ranch.

Road Closures:
OR242 east of Cascade Crest to the junction of Forest Road 15. For further information see

Forest Closures: For further information go to:

Smoke monitoring information is available at:

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