Monday, August 28, 2017

Milli Fire Morning Update - August 28

Milli Fire
August 28, 2017 Morning Update

There will be a public meeting this evening. A public meeting is planned for Monday, August 28th, 6 p.m. at Sisters High School,1700 McKinney Butte Rd, Sisters Oregon. Information regarding status of the fire, closures and evacuations will be provided.

Yesterday was a productive day for firefighters. Despite smoky conditions that hampered aerial ignitions, progress continued in the area between Bluegrass Butte and OR 242, this being the only area able to be ignited from the air. These ignitions completed the burnout to the lava fields. Burning was completed from north to south, west of FR 1018. As much of the containment work is nearing completion, work on the fire at night is being scaled back.

Southern and eastern portions of the fire were quiet. Near Whychus overlook, several small areas became more active as the temperatures increased during the day, but helicopters dropping water extinguished the smokes quickly. Other smokes appeared over the eastern side of the fire but were well inside the fire perimeter and were also handled by helicopter water drops. Two smoke columns developed briefly in the Three Sisters Wilderness during the afternoon, then dissipated. One column was on the far southwest side of the fire, the other column formed over Black Crater. The fire burned actively until around 2 AM.

More aerial ignitions will begin today if conditions allow. This is being done to help establish a lower intensity fire in the yet unburned area in the middle of existing containment lines. Crews will continue to monitor and patrol the containment lines. Today’s weather is expected to be sunny and warm with areas of dense smoke. All the fires in the area will remain active from the warm temperatures and low humidity. Upper level winds will be from the southwest, carrying smoke from other fires into the area. The fire closure area for the Milli Fire remains unchanged. All areas to the west of FR 16 will remain closed. There will be a continuing presence of firefighting personnel and equipment in the area, and it is requested that motorists use caution in this area.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, in consultation with its partners on the Milli Fire, are continually evaluating the need for possible changes to evacuation notices. Evacuation questions should be directed to the Deschutes County Sheriff's office non-emergency number at 541-693-6911. Current evacuation levels: Level 2– Crossroads subdivision, Edgington Road, Remuda Road, Peterson Burn Road, Wildwing and Three Creeks Road residences returned to Level 2 (Be Set) Evacuation Notice on 8/23/17, allowing residents to return to their homes. Level 1 – The subdivision of Tollgate, all areas between OR 242 and HWY 20 and west of Cold Springs Cutoff (FS1018), which includes Black Butte Ranch.

Road Closures:
OR 242 east of Cascade Crest to the junction of FR 15. For further information see

Forest Closures: For further information go to:

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