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6/9/14 6:30 PM Central Oregon Fire Information Evening Update - Two Bulls Fire

6/9/14 6:30 pm Evening Update


Current Fire Information      
Information Phone: 541-550-4888                                                                                                                                    
Good progress was made on the east flank of the fire.  Crews have most of that side complete with hose lines and lots of mop up continues with the advancement of the hose lays.  Line construction on the west flank of the fire continues and is progressing well.  Helicopters assigned to the fire are supporting that line construction operation.  A considerable amount of smoke was visible from the fire with the increased winds that developed in the afternoon with the arrival of an upper level weather disturbance over the fire.  Structure protection task forces mobilized under the Conflagration Act continue their work around the structures and mitigation plans are in place should the fire jump containment lines.

6,800 acres consisting of heavy brush and timber
50 homes remain under Level III Evacuation
No structures lost or damaged
1 Firefighter with a minor leg laceration
Cause under investigation
25% containment
11 helicopters, 48 engines, 11 dozers, and over 800 personnel assigned to the fire
Estimated costs to date- $2.2 million

Evacuation Information
After meeting with Two Bulls Fire Officials, the Sheriff’s Office is leaving Evacuation Notice Levels the same for tonight and tomorrow.

The Level III Evacuation Notice for Skyliners Road residents outside the City of Bend is the only Level III notice still in effect.

A Level II Evacuation Notice is in effect for the Saddleback Subdivision area to include some evacuated homes on Johnson Road, Tyler Road and Kuhlman Road.  THIS AREA IS OPEN TO RESIDENTS ONLY.  Proof of residency is required at the Sheriff’s Office Road Blocks.  Sheriff’s Office deputies continue to patrol these areas.

Note: We highly recommend residents continue to avoid this area, however if they choose to return we recommend they leave their livestock where it is boarded.  If residents choose to return, we encourage them to be very cautious as there will be firefighting equipment working in the area.  If fire conditions change, residents should be prepared to leave immediately.

A Level II Evacuation Notice is in effect for residents in the area located south of Shevlin Park Road, west of Mt. Washington Drive, and north of Century Drive.

A Level I Evacuation Notice is in effect for residents in the remainder of Northwest Crossing (east of Mt. Washington Drive), and the area that includes residents north of Shevlin Park and west of Mt. Washington Drive.

Current Sheriff’s Office Roadblocks:
•             Tumalo Reservoir Road at Rock Springs Road
•             Bull Springs Road west of Johnson Road
•             4606 Road at the 460 Spur Road
•             Skyliners Road at Phil’s Trailhead

The Bend Police Department, in cooperation with the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, has developed a comprehensive evacuation plan for neighborhoods on the west side of Bend that will be implemented if necessary. Deschutes County I. T. has produced a link to a map that shows the current Evacuation Notice Levels, Interactive Map:

Evacuation Levels Explained
Level I (Ready)-
Residents should be aware of the danger that exists in their area, and monitor local media outlets for information.  Residents with special needs, such as those susceptible to breathing problems in wildfires or those with animals and pets, should take note and begin making arrangements to evacuate. For wildfires, smoke can often cause the most problems for residents, especially those sensitive to smoke.  Evacuations at this time are voluntary.

Level II (Set)-
This level indicates there is significant danger to your area, and residents should either voluntarily relocate to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the affected area.  For those that choose to remain, they should be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.  Access into the area is typically controlled by law enforcement.  Law enforcement may also decide to not allow residents back into the area once they leave.

Level III (Go)-
This level means to leave immediately!  Danger to your area is current or imminent, and your life safety cannot be guaranteed.  Residents should listen to local media, and watch for emergency personnel who may be coming by to give further instructions regarding the evacuation.

School Closures
At 5:30 PM tonight, the Two Bulls Fire incident commander confirmed with Bend-La Pine Schools that the established Level Two evacuation orders - west of Mt. Washington Drive and north of Century Drive – will continue through the night, due to the fire burning in the area.

As a result of these orders, William E. Miller Elementary, Cascade Middle and Summit High schools will remain closed on Tuesday, June 10 as the schools are situated within the Level Two evacuation area.

All other schools will be open as scheduled, including High Desert Middle School. High Desert Middle School is the designated Red Cross shelter site, though at last report there are no residents currently using the shelter. The school will operate in partnership with the shelter tomorrow and into the week, if necessary.

Finals will be rescheduled; students can visit their school’s website for more information.

Schools in Bend, La Pine and Sunriver may have indoor recess this week, as smoke is expected to move back into the area tonight. We will be monitoring outdoor air quality regularly in the days to come and will be consulting with the Air Quality Specialist from the US Forest Service.

Information on Burning
Bend Fire Department reminds residents and visitor that personal responsibility and good decision making needs to be at the front of their minds when doing any legal burning, such as camp and warming fires. With dry, windy weather predicted and many of our local fire resources tied up on the Two Bulls Fire, the potential for a disastrous escaped burn is very real. Early fire reporting is critical due to these facts. But we ask that citizens take all steps necessary to ensure BBQ's, fire pits and similar legal burning that is allowed within the City of Bend and DCRFPD#2 is safe and completely extinguished when done. A copy of the current burning regulations shall be on hand for warming www.bendoregon/fire. Check with your local fire agency for information related to areas outside the Bend area.  

Watershed Information
The Two Bulls Fire has still not reached the City of Bend’s Bridge Creek watershed nor is it jeopardizing the City’s “Outback” drinking water facilities.

The Bridge Creek watershed is where the City gets most of its domestic water supply, fed by gravity to the City. The City shut down the surface water on Saturday night as a protective measure, and has been pumping water only from groundwater wells since.

The Outback facility is where the City treats and distributes water from Bridge Creek. It’s also home to seven of the City’s 22 groundwater wells. Outback is about 9 miles east of the watershed. The fire is about 1.5 miles north of the Outback site.

The City shuts off its surface water when turbidity – a measurement of sediment-generated cloudiness – reaches a certain level. The turbidity measurement is currently below that threshold.

The City hopes to have the Bridge Creek surface water source back on in a few days. The City can turn that source back on if water quality allows. Water quality can be affected by fire behavior and spring run-off. Today, despite the fire, the turbidity (a measurement of cloudiness) was below the threshold for shutting down Bridge Creek source.

Groundwater wells can supply the City’s domestic water needs, but the City is encouraging its Bend water customers to conserve water and minimize irrigation. If it’s necessary to irrigate, it is best to do so during off-peak hours (when it is dark outside).

Red Cross Information
As of 5:30 p.m., the Red Cross shelter at High Desert Middle School has closed. Those in need of immediate assistance should call 888-680-1455. The Red Cross is working in collaboration with local and state agencies to remain ready to reopen the shelter should additional evacuations occur, and volunteers will be on standby to respond if the shelter reopens.

Red Cross volunteers will be conducting outreach in and around the Bend area tomorrow, providing wildfire preparedness information and assistance in downloading the Red Cross Wildfire App. The Red Cross asks that people not bring in-kind donations of to the evacuation center and encourage them to donate financially to the Red Cross so needed supplies can be purchased.

Area Closure Order
Forest Road 370 North of Todd Lake
Forest Road 1628
Forest Roads 590, 605, 480, 113, 110, 377, 900, 1620
Forest Road 1612
Forest Road 4606
Forest Road 4601 W. of Tumalo Creek.

Air Quality Information
As of 4 pm today smoke conditions are GOOD at monitors located in Bend and Sisters.
Additional smoke monitoring equipment has been ordered to increase data collection in the area of Summit High School and Redmond Air Center.

Drivers may experience smoke impacts on nearby roads.  If smoke drifts onto roads, motorists should slow down, turn on headlights, and proceed with care.  Due to the Two Bulls wildfire, smoky conditions are expected to persist throughout Deschutes County for an indefinite amount of time.  Deschutes County Health Services will continue to communicate to the public the health impact of wildfire smoke inhalation on an ongoing basis until the fires reside.

WHO IS AT HIGHER RISK FROM WILDFIRE SMOKE? People with chronic lung or heart conditions, the elderly, children, and pregnant women have a higher risk of health problems from breathing dense wildfire smoke.  People in these risk groups should minimize the impacts of wildfire smoke when it appears or smells the strongest or when DEQ indicates “unhealthy” air conditions by:
Staying indoors
Avoiding outdoor activities until air quality improves
Closing windows and doors, and
Using air conditioners and filters.
Those suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions should follow their breathing management plans; keep medications on hand, and contact healthcare providers if necessary. Remember-the longer poor smoke conditions linger, the more likely a person’s health may be affected.  Please be prepared and think ahead regarding ordering medications.

Animals Care
The livestock shelter is still open at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond, OR.

Fire Management
The fire remains under unified command of Oregon Department of Forestry Incident Management Team 2 (Incident Commander, Chris Cline) and Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Green Team (Incident Commander, John Ingrao).

Cooperators working the incidents include Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office, US Forest Service, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, City of Bend, American Red Cross, Bend-La Pine School District, and Cascade Timberlands LLC.

Interested media should report to the Incident Command Post located in the field across from 63685 Johnson Road.  Public Information Officers will be available for interviews; media is required to check in with Information immediately upon arrival.  Media personnel that would like a guided tour of the fire need to arrive with full Nomex, hard hat, and fire shelter; the fire camp does not have enough equipment to accommodate those that do not have this.  A media update will be given at 10:00 followed by a media fire tour at 1:00 pm.

Sites for Fire Information
Information Phone at Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center: 541-416-6811
Note: The info line number did not change today
Information Phone at Joint Information Center: 541-388-6655
Note: This is for interagency information related to the fire
Sheriff’s Emergency Information phone :541-550-4850
Note: This is a recorded line
TWITTER: @twobullsfire, @desnatlforest, @deschutescounty, @OchocoNatForest, @CentralORFire

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