Monday, June 9, 2014

6/9/14 11:00 am Two Bulls Fire Watershed Update

As of Monday, the Two Bulls Fire is not in the Bridge Creek watershed  or jeopardizing the Outback facilities. The facilities are not in the path of the fire. The southern flank of the fire is strong right now. Below is a map showing fire location and proximity to COB water facilities and watershed. (City officials used the most recent mapping information from the U.S. Forest Service to develop the map so this is our best estimation.)

The Bridge Creek watershed is where the City gets most of its domestic water supply. The City shut down the surface water on Saturday night as a protective measure, and has been using groundwater wells only since.

The City can supply domestic water with its groundwater supplies adequately for a considerable period of time. The City is encouraging the Community to conserve water and minimize or eliminate irrigation if possible. The City of Bend has been working with other local agencies including Bend Parks and Recreation and the Bend LaPine Schools to encourage water conservation while the City is using groundwater wells only. The Parks district and the Schools have taken considerable efforts towards conservation, reducing and eliminating some irrigation.

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