Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6/11/14, 2:30 pm, Bend water resumes use of Bridge Creek drinking water source, Two Bulls Fire

 The City of Bend switched back on it's Bridge Creek source of drinking water Wednesday morning.

The Bridge Creek watershed is where the City gets most of its domestic water supply, fed by gravity to the City. The City shut down the surface water source on Saturday night as a protective measure during the escalation of the Two Bulls Fire. The City has been pumping water only from groundwater wells to supply City customers with domestic water during the fire. The City shuts off its surface water when turbidity – a measurement of sediment-generated cloudiness – reaches a certain level. Turbidity typically increases from fires in the watershed and spring run-off. The turbidity measurement is currently below that threshold.

The City resumed using its Bridge Creek source following the downgrade of the evacuation warning level along Skyliners Road at 8 p.m. Tuesday night. Skyliners Road residents and City of Bend officials are now allowed back in the area.

Two Bulls Fire is not in the Bridge Creek watershed. The City’s Outback drinking water facilities are not in the path of the fire.

Separately, work on the new pipeline infrastructure improvement project is scheduled to restart Monday.

Anne Aurand | Community Relations Manager
City of Bend

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