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Central Oregon EVENING Fire Update, 8/11

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FIRE NEWS--Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center
For Immediate Release:  August 11, 2014 7:00 p.m.

Central Oregon EVENING Fire Update

Central Oregon – At the time of this report, approximately 1500 lightning strikes have brought eighteen new fires to Central Oregon.  Additional reports continue to come in with the ongoing lightning.  All fires remain small and are being managed with local resources.  This evening’s weather is tracking farther east than yesterday, with the most lightning and fire starts east of the Badlands Wilderness.  Thunderstorms are expected to continue through tomorrow night.

The Muskrat Fire continues to be managed with a Type III Incident Management Team.  The Six Lakes Trailhead remains closed to accommodate the Muskrat Fire Incident Command Post (ICP).  The fire remains estimated at 25% contained and approximately 50 acres. 

As of August 12 at 8:00 a.m., the Level I evacuation notice issued by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office for Cultus Lake Resort, Cultus Lake campground, and Cultus Day Use Area has been lifted.  However, the US Forest Service Emergency Closure remains in effect to protect the public and firefighter safety during continuing fire operations in the area.
Emergency Area Closure: An emergency closure of areas and trails was enacted on August 8, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. 
Closed National Forest Service Lands include: areas on the west and north shores of Cultus Lake including: West Cultus Campground, Big Cove Campground, Little Cove Campground, boat-in areas north and west on Cultus Lake, and back country areas and trails north of Cultus Lake including Corral Swamp, Winopee Lake, Muskrat Lake and Teddy Lake.

Lands generally described as the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail #2000 to the west; Winnopee Lake to the junction of the Corral Swamp Trail #8 and FSR 4628 to the north, Cultus Lake to FSR 600 to the south and Corral Swamp Trailhead to Winnopee Lake Trailhead to the east.  The Pacific Crest Trail remains open.

Closed National Forest Service System Trails include:
·         Deer Lake Trail #6 from the Deer Lake Trailhead to the junction with Many Lakes Trail #15
·         Corral Swamp Trail #8 in its entirety
·         Teddy Lake Trail #5 in its entirety
·         Many Lakes Trail #15 in its entirety
·         Winopee Lake Trail #16 in its entirety
·         Metolius Windigo Trail #99 from the junction with  Corral Swamp Trail #8 to the junction with Senoj Lake Trail #41.1 

The South Fork Complex is located 5 miles south of Dayville around the south fork of the John Day River.  The fire is burning in a mix of U.S. Fish & Wildlife lands, private and BLM and Forest Service-managed lands. There are numerous evacuations and closures in place due to fire activity for both fires. The fire information number for this incident is 866-347-0636 or find the most recent closures and announcements at 


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