Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Two recent fires are a reminder of fire danger

As hunting season gets underway, fire managers want to remind everyone that fire danger is still a concern in Central Oregon, even though campfires are allowed in most places on federal public lands.

On Friday afternoon, firefighters responded to a small, human-caused fire on the Ochoco National Forest. An investigation determined the fire was caused by an exploding Tannerite target.

Yesterday, firefighters responded to another fire on the Ochoco National Forest, determined to have started sometime over the weekend from a campfire that was not properly extinguished.

The campers had since left and it was apparent they had put some water on the fire and mixed in dirt. Covering the fire in dirt allowed the unextinguished embers to smolder and later creep out into nearby duff and pine litter igniting a fire.

“Nighttime temperatures are dropping, but we still haven’t received much precipitation in Central Oregon since early July,” said Fire Prevention Specialist Stacy Lacey. “We’re asking everyone spending time out in the woods this fall to be vigilant with fire. That includes minding your campfire, being careful where you shoot, and following the prohibition on exploding targets.” 

Fire managers want to remind everyone that exploding targets, tracer ammo and incendiary ammo are illegal on public lands in Oregon and Washington. See attached flyer for some simple, easy precautions to take when shooting on public land.

Also, campfires are still prohibited on private and state-administered lands in Central Oregon, so check with the local Rural Fire Protection Districts on current restrictions.

Or stop by the Hunter’s Information Booth today through Friday in front of Ray’s Market, 1535 NE Third Street, in Prineville to get the answers to all of your questions about hunting, camping, campfires, and driving on federal, state, county and private lands across central and eastern Oregon.

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