Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fire restrictions reduced on federal lands in Central Oregon

PRINEVILLE, Ore. – Due to the recent pulse of moisture across Central Oregon,  MOST public use restrictions have been dropped on the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests, the Prineville BLM District, and the Crooked River National Grassland, effective immediately.

The Industrial Fire Precaution Level has been reduced to Level 2 “Partial Hootowl,” meaning chainsaws must still shut down between 1 pm and 8 pm.

On federal lands, the public can once again enjoy campfires in most designated campgrounds and at dispersed camping sites, including in wilderness. All restrictions on smoking, or the use of portable stoves and grills, have been lifted.

On the Prineville BLM District, seasonal campfire restrictions remain in effect along the John Day River until September 30, and along portions of the Crooked and White River and all of the Lower Deschutes until October 15. (See below).

Long-standing restrictions on campfires at Hosmer Lake on Deschutes National Forest also remain in effect, due to the dry cattails and rushes, and the boat-in only access.

Effective today, personal use firewood cutting can resume within the hours designated under IFPL 2.

Recent moisture has reduced the fire danger level to “Moderate,” but fire danger still exists.

Please ensure campfires are attended at all times, and make sure your fire is DEAD OUT before leaving your camp site.

Under IFPL 2, a one-hour fire watch is required following shutdown of the last power-driven equipment for the day.

Read more about IFPL here:

For updated information on fire restrictions, call the fire restriction hotline at Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center:  1-800-523-4737

Officials also want to remind the public that fireworks, explosives and exploding targets are banned on FS and BLM lands in Oregon and Washington.

Campfire bans remain in effect on private and state-administered lands across Central Oregon. Check with your local Rural Fire Protection District for the status of local fire restrictions.

More info on Prineville BLM seasonal restrictions can be found here:

Fire restrictions remain in place until October 15, 2015 on public lands:

Crooked River
Within 1/2 mile of the river's edge along the Lower Crooked River from the Highway 97 bridge to Lake Billy Chinook.

Deschutes River
Within 1/2 mile of the river's edge from the Highway 20 bridge to Lake  Billy Chinook; including  all BLM-administered lands north of the Jefferson county line and between the Deschutes River  and Crooked River.
Within 1/2 mile of Lake Simtustus (between Round Butte Dam and Pelton Dam),

Within the Lower Deschutes National Wild and Scenic River  corridor (Pelton Dam to the Columbia

Lake Billy Chinook
Those public lands located within 1/2 mile of Lake Billy Chinook; including BLM Beach dispersed recreation site located approximately 1/2 mile east of the Three Rivers Recreation Area on the south shore of the Metolius River Arm of the lake.

White River
Within 1/2 mile of the river's edge from its confluence with the Deschutes River upstream to the
eastern boundary of the Mount Hood National Forest.

Fire restrictions remain in place until September 30, 2015 on public lands within 1/4 mile of the river's edge in the following locations:

The mainstem John Day River from Tumwater Falls (River Mile 1 0) upstream to Kimberly (River Mile 185);
The North Fork John Day River, from the confluence with the mainstem at Kimberly (River Mile 0) upstream to the Umatilla National Forest boundary (River Mile 62);
The South Fork John Day River from Smokey Creek (River Mile 6) upstream to Malheur National Forest boundary (River Mile 47).


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