Friday, July 3, 2015

Got SEATs?

When it comes to fighting fire in small spaces or the open range, you can't beat the SEATs!
Single engine air tankers fill fast and deliver 750 gallons of retardant, water or FireIce.  They're incredibly effective - especially with fast-moving range fires where they can fly low and drop right on the active fireline.
Central Oregon is fortunate to have two ready to go - literally anywhere. They have their own fuel trucks and retardant-loading trailers and can move to small airstrips wherever there is a need. Once on the ground, they're filled in about 3 minutes - making for a very fast load-and-return operation.
Today they're supporting some of the firefighters on the line on the Corner Creek Fire south of Dayville - and they're carrying loads of FireIce - a new dry polymer powder that when hydrated produces a light-weight, water-based fire retardant and suppressant.

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