Wednesday, July 1, 2015

7/1/15 Area Closure in place for Ochoco National Forest

The Ochoco National Forest is putting a temporary closure in place on portions of the Ochoco affected by the Corner Creek Fire.  The closure is to protect the public and employees from the wildfire and related suppression activities. Beginning today, July 1, 2015, you may not go into or be on any of the lands, including any roads or trails, described in the closure order (see map below).

There closure goes from the intersection of FS 5840/5830 road north to the NW corner of Township 14S, Range 26E, Section 19.  The closure then extends east to the Forest Boundary and follows the Forest Boundary south and east into the middle of Section 23. From here the closure extends south, through the Black Canyon East Trailhead, to the south side of Section 22 in T15S and R26E. The closure extends west to the middle of Section 19 and connects diagonally northwest to the junction of FS 5840/5830.

This order specifically closes FS Road 5850 and any spur roads, Black Canyon East Trailhead, and trails within the Black Canyon Wilderness. Mud Springs Campground and South Prong Trailhead Recreational Sites are also closed.

To read the entire closure order, please visit the Ochoco National Forest website at


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