Thursday, November 3, 2016

Juniper jackpot burning takes place today and tomorrow near Rager RS on Ochoco NF

Juniper jackpot burning will take place today and tomorrow on around 175 acres near Rager Ranger Station.

Jackpot burning addresses high concentrations of naturally-occurring or thinning-related downed woody debris (not piled).

The units are located approximately 15 miles northeast of Paulina, in the vicinity of Rager Ranger Station and Bear Butte.

The burning of this juniper will provide better connectivity of sage grouse habitat, improve critical winter range for big game and simultaneously reduce hazardous fuel loading to lower the risk of large scale wildfire across the landscape.

Ignitions will last 3 to 5 days with smoke being visible in the area for several days following. Smoke will be visible from Forest Service Road 58 and the Post/Paulina Highway. Roads will have signs posted, but no delays are expected.

This burning project is made possible by funding from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

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