Monday, September 1, 2014

Lost Hubcap Fire Update - Sept. 1, 2014

Lost Hubcap Fire

Oregon Department of Forestry Incident Management Team 2, IC Cline

September 1, 2014 8:00 a.m.

Fire Information Phone: 541-421-3039

Current Situation:

Hand crews and dozers will continue the hard work of completing a line around the fire perimeter today. There is approximately 2.25 of the 14.25 miles of line left to construct.

Last night an infra-red flight was flown that mapped the perimeter of the fire and detected the hot spots for the fire fighters to focus on today. Other fire fighters used hand held palm IR (infra-red) units that detect heat buried deep in the ground. Heat spots are marked for day fire fighters to dig out and extinguish.

On the east side of the fire, fire fighters will begin the next stage: mop-up. Mop-up involves fire fighters digging out hot spots and extinguishing all remaining heat. Mop-up starts along the perimeter and moves toward the center of the fire. Crews are working toward extinguishing 100% of all smokes in a 100 ft. zone in the grass/brush, 300 ft in the timber and fall all snags within 500 ft. At morning briefing, Day Operations Chief Joe Hessel directed the crews to “Dig deep and do thorough mop-up the first time”. Once hot spots are dug out, the spot is marked to be rechecked at least twice.

There have been no injuries to incident fire fighters.

The incident command post is located at 289 East Hardisty St. (in the community center), Long Creek, OR.

Fire at a Glance (09/01/14)

Size: 2,984 acres
Cause: under investigation
Containment: 25%
Expected Containment Date: 9-6-14

Crews and Equipment:
Crews: 21
Air Tankers: 0
Helicopters: 6
Engines: 19
Dozers: 8
Water Tenders: 9
Total personnel: 512
Estimated Costs to Date: $1.68 M

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